New Beginnings: From Classrooms to Cloud Computing

New Beginnings: From Classrooms to Cloud Computing
Photo by Lauren Mancke / Unsplash

Summer is almost over, pumpkin-spiced lattes are already sneaking in, and children are strapping on their backpacks as they head back to school. My household is no exception to the back-to-school buzz. As my kids gear up for another academic year, so do I, albeit in a slightly different arena.

I'm excited (and anxious) to announce that I'm also returning to school after enrolling in a Master's Program at Georgia Tech. While the details of this decision are reserved for a future blog post, this decision was made after careful consideration and much excitement.

But it's not just the personal academic front changing with the seasons. Professionally, a lot is happening too. This year I've crossed nine years of being part of Microsoft's Global Black Belt team for data analytics. So far, it has been an exciting year with the announcement of Microsoft Fabric, which promises to revolutionize the data analytics marketplace. Furthermore, the unveiling of Azure Open AI sets the stage for transformative changes in our and our customer's industries.

Having taken a hiatus from personal blogging since 2019, the culmination of these events seemed like the universe's way of telling me to dive back in. So, here I am!

I plan to make this space a melting pot from my diverse roles and interests. Expect tales and learnings from my professional journey in data analytics, insights from my academic pursuits in computer science, and sprinklings of my varied hobbies. Whether crafting as a maker, operating as a ham radio, capturing moments as a photographer, hitting the slopes as a skier, or tinkering with my home automation system, this blog will offer something for everyone.

This isn't just a rekindled blog; it's a chronicle of a multifaceted journey. As the world evolves, from seasonal shifts to technological advancements, join me in exploring, learning, and sharing.

Here's to embracing new roles, nurturing old hobbies, and everything in between!